No revamped Nexus Q at Google I/O 2013: Report

Nexus QAlthough there were no indications of the arrival of a revamped Nexus Q media streamer at this year’s Google I/O, AllThingsD has confirmed that there won’t any Nexus Q sightings at the event.

The tech news site reports via its sources close to Google that search giant won’t be sharing any news on the Nexus Q front at I/O. Does this mean that Nexus Q is gone for good? Probably, we might see a similar device in the coming years from the search giant, but Nexus Q in its current form seems to be dead.

Nexus Q, which was showcased at last year’s Google I/O, was praised by the reviewers on the design and build quality but did not win any points for the limited feature set and functionality coupled with the high price-tag.

Google tried to sell the device for some time on Google Play, but later removed it saying – “the users want Nexus Q to do even more than it does today.”  Google had promised to work on the device to make it better, but this report of its conspicuous absence from Google I/O 2013 indicates the demise of the device.

There might not be any Nexus Q at I/O, which begins tomorrow, but the company will be showing the new Nexus 7 tablet, which is made by Asus (again) and packs a full HD display and quad-core processor.

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