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Mystery Google media player appears at FCC

H840Is Google working on another Nexus Q like media streamer? The evidence seems to suggest that. As a mystery Google hardware device marked as a media player has appeared on FCC for certification.

At any given point of time, Google is tinkering with multiple hardware devices, which are not necessarily meant for full release, so this is in no way a confirmation of the impending arrival of Google Nexus Q successor, but we won’t be surprised if it indeed turns out to be a real deal.

Details are scarce at this moment. The FCC listing shows the device carrying product name – H840 device, which doesn’t really reveal anything. In other details, the model number is listed at H2G2-42, a reference of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which too does mean anything.

The FCC listing does show this media player featuring Wi-Fi a/b/g/n connectivity and a USB port. Apart from that we are still in dark.H840

To remind you, the company’s first attempt at a media streamer – Nexus Q, turned out to be a failure. While, the device looked beautiful and had a nice build quality but it lacked in features. It also carried a hefty price tag, which really didn’t justify anything. After keeping it on pre-order for some time, the company removed the listing, saying it is going to improve it. So, the question arises whether H840 device is an improved version of Nexus Q or just a hardware experiment from Google.

We hope to know more in the coming days.

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