LG exec dismisses LG-built Nexus 5 rumours, teases upcoming Android tablet

LG NexusLG Mobile Europe VP Kim Wong has brushed aside the rumours that his company is working on next-generation Nexus smartphone. He told a Dutch website that despite Nexus 4 being a success for the company; it has no plans to make Nexus 5.

Wong also revealed that LG won’t be launching Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus edition like any device in the near future as there is no added value in producing such a phone.

Nexus devices aside, Kim Wong did reveal that LG is planning to launch an Android tablet soon. This is in line with some reports that we have seen from Korea media. He did not reveal the details about this tablet.

In addition, Wong noted that we won’t be seeing any bendable or flexible display smartphones any time soon. He said that the technology is not mature enough right now.

Lastly, LG Mobile Europe VP also indicated that LG might be working on smartphones powered by platform like Ubuntu, or Firefox.

Update: LG has clarified Kim Wong’s comments and has stated that while it might not be working on next Nexus smartphone, it can surely partner Google for another Nexus device in the future.

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