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HTC might release 'Nexus experience' ROM for existing ‘One’ users

HTC One with Nexus experienceWith HTC One ‘nexus edition’ announcement on Thursday, many users were left disappointed as they have already bought HTC One smartphone. Now, it is looks like that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

HTC has told The Verge that it is currently examining on how to support the early adopters of HTC One smartphone, who may prefer stock Android on their devices. The company has not given any details, but we would not be surprised to see a Nexus version RUU on HTC dev website or even Google developers’ website on June 26, which will allow existing HTC One users to switch to stock Android version.

This is good news for many, who now will have an option to choose between Sense UI and vanilla Android; however it is important to point out that HTC One with Nexus experience does leave out a few features that are present on the retail version. There is no IR blaster support, or camera customisations like HTC Zoe or other HTC tweaks on HTC One with Nexus experience. The phone does pack Beats Audio hardware integration but you cannot make any software based tweaks.

To remind you, HTC One with Nexus experience will go on sale beginning June 26 in Google Play in United States. The phone has been priced at $599 and comes with 32GB of internal storage.

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