Google Maps revamp details leaked ahead of Google I/O

New Google MapsAll the signs are pointing towards the revamped Google Maps, which is reportedly going to be unveiled at Google I/O conference. Now, the sign-up page for early access to the new Google Maps was spotted when it went live ahead of the schedule earlier today, revealing some details of the redesigned Maps.

There is no word on whether the revamped Google Maps will be making their way to Android, but it is very likely that Android will get them – sooner or later.

Here is a list of features that were spotted in the new Maps sign-up page

  • Tailored maps for every search
  • Smarter search box with links to reviews and data from Google+
  • Details from Flight Search, Google Earth and other Google properties
  • Transport mode comparison in the maps
  • Maps become better with every use

Check out these slides for slightly more details about these feature but we will know more detail, when makes it official at I/O.

The information about Android Maps revamp should also be shared at the same time. As always, we will be bringing you all the details, so keep coming back.


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