Google Calendar and Play Music apps updated in Google Play

Google CalendarGoogle has released updates for two of its applications – Calendar and Play Music – in Google Play late yesterday. The updates bring some nifty new features to both the apps.

Talking about Google Calendar first, the new version brings ability to customize event and calendar colours as well more event related options.

Full Change-log of Google Calendar v201305280

  • Change your default calendar and event colours
  • More recurring event options
  • New time & date picker for event creation
  • Searchable timezone picker


On the other hand, the new Play Music update brings ability to delete track and share songs from “now playing” screen.

Full change-log of Google Play Music v5.0.1041J

  • Added option to delete tracks
  • Can share song and add to playlist from Now Playing screen
  • Remove from My Library now supported

2 thoughts on “Google Calendar and Play Music apps updated in Google Play

  1. Nice improvements from Google to all of its Apps. I am so proud to be an android user for past three years.

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