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Did Google accidentally reveal next Nexus 7 tablet in this promo?

Next Nexus 7We know you missed Nexus 7 successor at yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, we did too, but looks like we have the first possible Nexus 7 II sighting.

A new tablet (possibly Nexus 7 successor) was spotted by one Twitter user Cesi D’Alessio in the official Hangouts promo video released by Google. If you go to 21 sec mark in the video, you will see a tablet with notification LED. From the looks of it, the tablet seems to be packing a 7-inch display and the current Nexus 7 tablet from Google does not have notification LED, so can this be the next Nexus 7 tablet?

May be or maybe not. You can also get a glance of its back later in the video, but not much is shown, which is possible if it is an unannounced device.

What do you guys think? Let us know in nexus 7

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