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Android 4.3 confirmed ahead of Google I/O

Android 4.3With Google I/O 2013 keynote just 80 minutes away, we have a confirmation on Android 4.3. Looks like, this Android version is indeed going to be announced at the event.

The references to Android 4.3 were spotted in search results from Android developer website just now (first reported by The Verge). The Android version is still a big mystery but we now know that the mystery will be solved in just over an hour.

We also found the links to Android 4.3 features on the official Android site, but they are not working at the moment.

According to rumours and online reports, Android 4.3 is expected to bring support for Bluetooth low-energy and the OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0 graphics specification.

We will know more in the keynote speech, till then stay tuned and as always we will be bringing you all the details.Android 4.3

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