Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on sale in 60 countries worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S 4Samsung has announced that it has started selling its flagship Galaxy S4 in 60 markets across the globe. The phone first went on sale in South Korea on April 26 (Friday) and since, it has been released in 59 more countries including India, US, UK and more.

This is one of the biggest smartphone launches in the recent times, and Samsung has clearly showcased that it has the capability to simultaneously debut a phone in all major markets globally.

This feat will help the company in getting customers quickly. Samsung further wants to expand the availability of Galaxy S4 in 155 countries in the world in the current quarter. via

Sprint Galaxy S4 gets first OTA software update

Samsung has already started rolling out a software update for the Sprint version of Galaxy S4 smartphone in the United States. The update is 24MB in size and available over-the-air (OTA).  It carries the build number L720VPUAMDL.

There is no word on what is included in this update, but we can expect to see some last minute bug fixes and patches – nothing big, reports Android Central.

Samsung announces TecTile 2, original Tectiles not compatible with Galaxy S4

Samsung has revealed that the original NFC Tectiles are not compatible with recently launched Galaxy S4 smartphone. The company noted that this is happening because of the NFC controller change in the phone (NXP PN544 to Broadcom’s BCM2079x).  So, Samsung is introducing a new version of Tectiles – dubbed as Tectiles 2, which will be released in the coming weeks.

“Samsung is introducing TecTile 2, an update to the original TecTile NFC programmable tags, which will be available in the coming weeks. TecTile 2 will use the current NFC technology on the market, allowing Samsung customers to further incorporate NFC into their daily lives and to use with the latest Samsung Mobile products and services, including the Galaxy S 4,” Samsung told AnandTech.

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