Samsung Galaxy S4 to go on sale in 30 countries on April 26: Report

Samsung Galaxy S 4The latest reports from the Korean Media indicate that Samsung is planning to release Galaxy S 4 simultaneously in 30 countries on April 26. This number is ten-times of the launch in just 3 countries that we last heard from Bloomberg.

This is certainly good news for everyone who has been waiting for this Samsung flagship Android phone. It is almost certain that India will be a part of these 30 countries and we can expect an official announcement soon.

The Korean media also notes that Samsung will begin taking pre-orders for Galaxy S 4 in South Korea on April 19. Reports also add that the LTE version of S4 with Exynos 5 Octa processor that was supposed to be launched in Korea might be delayed a little.

We are still not sure which countries will be getting the Qualcomm-powered model and which will be getting Exynos-powered. A previous report had indicated about majority of the initial batch is going to have Qualcomm 600 processor on-board. We will still like to wait for the regional announcement to get a clearer idea about the chips inside S 4.

One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S4 to go on sale in 30 countries on April 26: Report

  1. If you get the model with Exynos chip, then you can forget about customer ROM’s. My experience with Exynos powered S2 has been pretty bad (in the custom ROM department only).

    If you are the tinkering type (and 2 years down the line when S4 is way behind the update schedule, you’ll probably want to tinker with it), then only buy the Qualcomm model, and don’t even consider the Exynos one.

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