Samsung Galaxy Note III to come with improved design and build quality: Report

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

Praises for HTC One design, build get Samsung worried

Turns out the praises for HTC One’s build quality and superb design have got Samsung worried.  The company is now thinking about the designs of its Android products, which have remained static since the launch of Galaxy S III. Even the recently announced Galaxy Mega series also followed the same design principle like S III.

The consumers have started to voice their concerns about the same designs getting repeated in Samsung’s Android phones. Many were disappointed when they found Galaxy S 4 packs almost the same design as its predecessor Galaxy S III.

HTC, on the other hand, has been launching some great looking flagship products. Its last year’s flagship HTC One X was a looker, but the company took the design and build quality to a whole new stage with HTC One this year. Every single reviewer on the planet has been singing praises of the phone’s design and looks, which in turn has made Samsung think again about its upcoming Galaxy Note III device.

The company is reportedly changing the design and build quality of Note III. The phablet will not be following the design similar to Galaxy S 4.The exact details are unclear at the moment but HTC One surely has rattled the nest.

SamMobile notes that the company does not want its Note III sales to get hurt by design concerns. The phablet is rumoured to come with 6-inch/ 5.8-inch full HD display, Exynos 5 Oct processor and 13MP rear camera.

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