Motorola X Phone to come in 20 colours?

Well, this is a little hard to digest, but X Phone

Adding on the recent hardware customisation rumours, PhoneArena is reporting that their source claims that customisation options for RAM, screen sizes or other hardware features are unlikely but the company wants to give users a choice in terms of the colour options.

Consumers will most likely be able choose their favourite colours at the time of ordering phones online, but we don’t think Motorola will be offering so many colours via normal retail channels.

There is no way to authenticate the report, and we have been hearing a lot of rumours about the Motorola X phone and only some of them would turn out to be accurate. So, don’t get your hopes up and take this with a pinch of salt.

In related news, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has called the upcoming Motorola phones as “phenomenal” and impressive. In addition, Motorola’s Design chief told PC Mag in an interview that Motorola will be unveiling ‘right sized’ Android phones that provide stock OS experience.

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