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Motorola X Phone release shifts to August: Report

Looks like, we are not going to see the rumoured Motorola X Phone any time soon. According to a report in Phone Arena, the launch of X Phone has been shifted to August or even later. The phone was earlier rumoured to be coming in June – July, claims Phone Arena.

However, we have seen other contradicting reports as well, which were suggesting an October – November release. Given the different rumours that have appeared about Motorola X Phone, we don’t really have a clear idea about the official release of this phone.

Anyways, if we believe Phone Arena sources, the phone will land around August, probably at IFA Trade fair. The report also adds that it will come with a 4.7-inch full HD display with a very thin bezel – probably similar to the edge to edge display we last saw in Motorola RAZR M.

The phone will be running on Android 4.2 and given the rumoured August release, it is not a good sign as we will be seeing the launch of a new Android version at Google I/O in mid-May. So, this Motorola flagship model, which is the first phone to see Google’s influence, will be running on an older version of Android rather than the latest at release.

The Android will also be not 100pc vanilla version, but that is expected given the fact that it is not a Nexus device and Motorola would certainly like to keep some distinctive features.

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