Microsoft signs patent deal with ZTE for Android, Chrome devices

ZTE Grand MemoAfter the recent deal with contract manufacturer and the parent company of Foxconn – Hon Hai, Microsoft has now secured another biggie from China. The company has signed a patent deal with ZTE, which will be paying the Windows-maker royalty on its Android and Chrome OS devices, noted Reuters.

Looks like the alliance ZTE, Lenovo and other Chinese OEMs formed in late 2011 did not help the company. Microsoft has not published a press release on its website till now, but we can expect to see it later in the day.

Microsoft told Reuters that with the deal with ZTE, it now has Android related patent deals with about 20 device makers, and 60 per cent of Android phones sold worldwide are covered by a Microsoft patent license.

Key hardware manufacturers that have patent deals with Microsoft

Huawei, Google and Motorola are the only big hold-outs remaining for the company now. Motorola and Microsoft are already in court dispute for the same, so the verdict in that court case will determine the solution.

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