LG to work on flexible OLED smartphone, might launch in Q4

LG Flexible DisplayFlexible display smartphones are nothing new, time and again we have heard rumours that one or the other Korean manufacturers is working on smartphones with flexible screens, but we are yet to see them turn into reality.

Now, we are hearing from LG mobile executive Yoon Bu-hyun that his company will work with sister firm LG Display to launch a flexible OLED display sporting phone in the last quarter of the year.  It is important to note here that he did not promise anything and just said that LG will work – so, we might or might not see it becoming a reality this year.

WSJ writes:

“Yoon Bu-hyun, vice president at LG’s mobile business, said the company will cooperate with affiliate LG Display Co.  to introduce a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in the fourth quarter.”

Blogs and tech press were quick to pick Yoon Bu-hyun’s quote from WSJ and have been painting this picture as if market is just going to get flooded by flexible display smartphones from LG.

Even analysts are sceptical whether LG will be able to launch such a phone given the low production of flexible displays.

WSJ added quoting some analysts:

“Investors are likely to closely watch whether LG will be able to deliver such a phone given the still low production yield for next-generation displays.”

So, all we can now do is wait and see if LG is indeed successful in brining such phone to the market or this is just another mirage.

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