Intex Aqua Marvel+, Swadesh spotted on, Glow & Active prices revealed

Intex Aqua Swadesh Marvel+Intex seems to be expanding up its Android phone portfolio in the country. The company recently launched Aqua Wonder Quadcore smartphone and now two new Android phones have been spotted on the company’s official website.

Dubbed as Aqua Marvel+ and Aqua Swadesh, both the phones are part of entry-level segment.  Intex Aqua Marvel+ will be succeeding the company’s earlier launched Aqua Marvel. Although the pricing of the phone has been mentioned on the company website, the availability details are still in the air. Same is the case with Aqua Swadesh.

In addition to the Aqua Marvel+ and Swadesh sighting, we now also know the final pricing of the company’s recently spotted Android phone – Aqua Glow and Aqua Active. The phones have been priced at INR 4,990 and INR 3,790 respectively. There is still no word on the availability of these two phones.

Coming back to Intex Aqua Marvel+, the phone runs on Android 2.3.6. It is powered by 1GHz MediaTek processor and comes with dual-SIM support. The smartphone also packs 5-megapixels rear camera, 256MB of RAM and 512MB of on-board storage, out of which only 85MB will be available to the users. Aqua Marvel+ will be sold for INR 3,990.

On the other hand, Intex Aqua Swadesh is exactly same as the company’s previously launched Intex Aqua 3.2. We could not find a single difference between the two devices, based on the specifications given on the company website. Either there is thing with the listing or Intex is losing it.  Even the pricing of Swadesh and 3.2 is same – INR 3,790.

Source: Intex

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