HTC First packs stock Android underneath Facebook Home

HTC FirstFacebook Home can be disabled on the HTC First to use stock Android

The recently announced HTC First seems to have an interesting characteristic – stock Android, yes the vanilla version of Android that is normally absent from HTC phones these days.  It seems HTC First buyers can deactivate Facebook Home from their phones and use stock Android instead. Well, we would still like a confirmation from the actual device users, which can’t come before April 12. But, there does seem to have a setting in Facebook Home that allows users to deactivate it.

A HTC spokesperson has reportedly told UK-based Pocket Lint that users can disable Facebook Home to run stock Android on the handset instead.

To remind you, T-Mobile G2 – a variant of Desire Z – was the last phone from HTC that came with stock Android on-board. If HTC First does allow users to deactivate Facebook Home and use vanilla Android, it certainly is good news.

On paper, HTC First packs decent features, if not Nexus 4 like, but for many of the consumers, who have been waiting for a stock Android running HTC phone, it is a blessing in disguise.

HTC First is set to be available in United States in April 12, the pre-orders are already underway. We also know that EE in UK and Orange in France are also going to sell the phone, but for other regions, there is still no word.

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