Google removed 60,000 low-quality apps from Google Play: Report

Google PlayIn a massive clean-up job in Google Play, Google has reportedly removed 60,000 applications from the store in February. Although Google has not gone on the record for these deletions, but Techcrunch claims that Google is stepping up its efforts to remove spammy and low-quality apps from Google Play.

“We learned of this large, new round of app deletions from a company in the mobile app industry which has insight into changes like this,” Techcrunch noted in a blog post.

This news is coming at a time when we are expecting a revamped version of Google Play, the device client of the store has already been leaked couple of times.

There is no word on the nature of these deleted apps, but the Techcrunch report adds that many deletions are ringtone/MP3 apps – may be Google was getting some heat from copyright holders.

Traditionally, Google has opted for non-human but algorithmic reviews of the apps unlike Apple’s iTunes store, where each app as well as its updates are vetted by human reviewers before letting them appear in the store.

Although, we don’t see Google going Apple way here, but it is clearly stepping up, which is necessary as Google Play is increasingly getting more and more cluttered with crappy apps thanks to the rising popularity of the platform.

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