Google working on a gaming service like Apple Game Center and Amazon GameCircle?

Google Gaming ServiceReal-Time/Turn-Based Multi-player support, Invitations, In-Game Chat, Lobbies/ chat rooms, Leader-boards and other features expected

The APK teardown of the recently launched Google Glass companion app MyGlass has revealed some interesting details. Folks at Android Police, who did this teardown, found evidence suggesting that Google is working on some kind of gaming service.

We believe that Google is going to launch a social-gaming service that will be integrated in Android, similar to Apple’s Game Center in iOS and Amazon’s GameCircle for Kindle Fire tablets. Such a service surely makes sense and in fact should have already been present in the operating system.

As per the details found by AP in the MyGlass APK, this gaming service will include support for real-time multiplayer matches, turn-based multiplayer matches, and in-game chat. The service will also be able to keep track of your achievements, and feature leader-boards. This is not all, it will also allow users to send game invites, and converse in the chat-rooms.

If this Google gaming service indeed becomes a reality, it will allow Google as well as third-party game developers to make Android games more social and engaging. Neither users nor developers will have to use multiple third-party social integration plugins that brings features like leader-boards, game performance tracking, multiplayer support, challenging your friends and more on Android. All game related statistics will be saved at one spot and would be sync-able across devices.

Android users will also no longer be required to make multiple accounts and the already existing Google credentials will work across games that integrate the upcoming Google solution.

We are expecting a Google I/O debut of this gaming service, which will most likely be an integral part of next Android version (probably Key Lime Pie).  The service will most likely be deeply integrated with Google+ and the rumoured Babel communication platform.

We also expect Google to release an SDK for game-developers to include the gaming service in their Android games.  Apart from the evidence found by Android Police, most of it is speculation on my part, but it seems very plausible. We will know more in the coming weeks. Surely, Google I/O is going to be very exciting.

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