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Google Babel name spotted in Gmail, other places; launch imminent?

After a flurry of not-so-credible leaks, Google Babel sightings and rumours have become a little trustworthy.  As a part of the latest sighting, Google+ user Patric Dhawaan spotted the following in his Gmail inbox.Google Babel

While it is very possible to fake this, he does not seem to be alone. Several of the commentators on his post also said that they had seen similar notifications in their Gmail inbox.  Looks like Google is readying to launch Babel, otherwise such public appearances are very rare.

The current leak also confirms the name, which was earlier reported as Babble then corrected to Babel.

Along with the Gmail appearance, Google Babel references have also been seen in Google Babel

In one of issues, there is a mention of, suggesting that Google Babel Android app might go live at , when launched in Google Play.

Although, we have got nothing new today, more and more evidence has started piling up suggesting that Google Babel launch is not far.

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