Google Babel leaked again, this time shows Gmail Chat revamp

Google Babel GmailGoogle Babel continues to make appearances, but the current set of leaked screenshots – for the first time – shows the Gmail Chat revamp. We are more than sceptical about the current leak, as most of the things just don’t add up.

Anyways, it is worth sharing, so take it with a pinch of salt.  Coming from a TechRadar source, which claims to work at Google, these screenshots show the upcoming Google+ like emoticons in Gmail Chat as well as ability to send photos.

As per current leak, users will need to have Google+ account to be able to send images to their contacts. Google Babel Emoticons

“And though our source couldn’t confirm it 100 percent, the impression this person is under is that Babel is a collaboration of Google’s communication services. In Gmail, Babel is a revamp and cleanup of the old Chat design, while we’ve already touched on the Google+ integration. Again, this is the impression of our source and not confirmed,” Techradar noted in a report.

The Google+ integration makes sense for the company, which continues to integrate everything with its not-so-popular social platform; however we will have to wait for more credible leaks to get the actual idea of what Babel is actually bringing to the table.Google Babel Settings

There is no still word on when we can expect an official announcement, but reports point towards Google I/O, which is still sometime away.

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