Behavioural data collection start-up Behavio joins Google

BehavioBehavio, a start-up working on recording and analyzing behavioural data using smartphones, is joining Google. It is not an acquisition, but the talented lot of people working for Behavio, will now be working for Google.

“We are very excited to announce that the Behavio team is now a part of Google! At Behavio, we have always been passionate about helping people better understand the world around them. We believe that our digital experiences should be better connected with the way we experience the world, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to continue building out our vision within Google,” Behavio Team wrote on its website.

What is Behavio?

It is a little hard to say, but as per the information available online, Behavio records data like peoples’ location, network of phone contacts, physical proximity, and movement throughout the day using their smartphones and predicts range of behaviors. These behaviours can be anything from fitness to app downloads to mass protests.

Behavio has also created Funf, an open source framework, which allows developers to leverage this data on Android.


As it is just the Behavio team joining Google, we are not really sure what are Google’s plans right now, but the existing work by the Behavio team is something that can be surely useful for Google.

As per the Behavio team, they will be shutting down their closed alpha program, but will continue to maintain the Funf open source project.

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