Android was initially meant for smart cameras: Andy Rubin

Andy RubinIn the initial days of Android development, the creators of this operating system did not have smartphones in mind, revealed Android co-founder Andy Rubin in Tokyo. He was speaking at Japan New Economy Summit.

Rubin said that Android was originally meant for digital cameras and he even pitched the idea to the investors. “The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” added Rubin.

According to a presentation that was made when Android was still meant to work on cameras, Android would have powered smart cameras, where third-party developers could create new apps. “It wasn’t just an operating system, but we envisioned it being connected to the cloud with access to the internet,” Rubin stated.

According to Andy, his company saw that growth in digital camera was slowing as technology became mainstream; so, Android incorporated changed its business plan. “We decided digital cameras wasn’t actually a big enough market,” noted Rubin.

“You have to be flexible, and if your business doesn’t work, you have to change. You have to make decisions quickly, and change direction instantly,” Rubin added.

The ideas of camera OS and then switching to smartphones took place before Google acquired Android to bring an open-source smartphone operating system in the market. Now that Android-powered cameras are available in the market, Android has come full circle.


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