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Why you shouldn't worry about Android 4.2 updates for your phones?

By Mohit Kharbanda

jelly bean_android_4_1It has been quite some time since Google released Android 4.2 with few new features, bug fixes, improvements in security etc. But, handset manufacturers are yet to push 4.2 updates for their smartphones. Are you missing out on something great? No you are not and if your own a smartphone with manufacturer customized user interface with Android 4.1, you should not be worried.

Most of Android phone manufactures not only put their own custom skins over Android but they also customize a lot of apps, features to make it different from other competitions.

We are listing out the reasons why phone manufacturers aren’t so eager about updating phones to Android 4.2.X after releasing 4.1.X for the same.

Camera app: Android 4.2 brings a new and improved camera app, High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR), Photosphere (which allows you take 360 degree shots around you).

HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG and other manufacturers, all of them bring their own UI to the camera app and tons of other features, which are not normally present in stock Android. Hence, apart from the Photo Sphere, there is really no reason for the companies to switch to Android 4.2 for the improved camera.

Photo editing support in Gallery app: There are tons of apps available for editing photos in Google Play.  So, it is not something you can’t get without getting the new Android version. Also, most of the manufacturers bundle photo editing apps with smartphones.

New Clock app: Clock has been redesigned completely with both an analog and digital face which again isn’t really worth updating, as almost every manufacturer already carries a custom version of clock app on their Android devices.

Quick Settings: Quick setting toggles have been incorporated in Android’s notification shade; however, these have been long present in Custom manufacturer skins.

Widgets on lock screen: Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of Lock Screen customization as it increases RAM utilization and decrease the battery life; however, it’s very unique feature and option, which OEMs should bring in. May be as a separate feature in one of the normal software updates!

New Keyboard (Swype-like): Again, Android manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG have their own custom keyboards and most of them come with inbuilt Swype kind of technology.

Multi-user support: This is a tablet-only feature, so phones really can’t have it.

Most of the companies are surely looking forward for Key Lime Pie (KLP), which we should be seeing in May at Google I/O 2013. Hence, updating directly to KLP, will be a better idea for any Android phone manufacturer.

This is a guest post by Mohit Kharbanda, who is an Android enthusiast and loves to tinker with his Android devices.

4 thoughts on “Why you shouldn't worry about Android 4.2 updates for your phones?

  1. Good article.
    Seen many people making a big deal of 4.2 from 4.1 upgrade.
    This post should enlighten those

  2. great post mohit g….
    keep giving this type of information
    can u plz tell me how can i root my desire v.???

  3. So then the notification bar gestures as one finger swipe for notifications and two finger swipe for power controls too are a nifty feature yes?

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