Sony Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean update roll-out will start in April-end

sony_Xperia_TabletS_From_RightSony has revealed that it will be releasing Jelly Bean update for Xperia Tablet S in April-end or early-May. The tablet currently runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the impending update will also bring a fix for memory management issue that has been plaguing the tablet. This issue causes the Xperia Tablet S to shut down from time to time without any reason.

Sony has once again iterated that it has no roadmap to release Jelly Bean update for the original Tablet S, so it is very unlikely that we will ever see the tablet on Jelly Bean officially. Sony had earlier also revealed same thought in January this year and with the current news, the matter is almost closed.

Here is Sony’s full statement from its community site:

We will be releasing Jelly Bean for the Xperia Tablet end of April 2013 / early May 2013 for the Xperia Tablet.  This update will resolve a memory managment issue that may cause the Xperia Tablet to shut down from time to time.

Currently we do not have a roadmap to release the Jelly Bean update for the 1st Generation Tablet (Sony Tablet S) .

Sony Xperia Tablet S was originally announced back in August last year and the Japanese manufacturer is taking a lot of time in bringing the update to this device. The company has already started selling Xperia Tablet S successor in the form of Xperia Tablet Z in select countries and more regions will soon the launch including India, where the tablet is expected to be launched in May.



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