Dear Google, why no Nexus love for India?

By Naresh Keshavwar

Android being an open source platform enables OEMs to modify the operating system to add their own interface and additional features. Each OEM has come up with their own skin like Sense by HTC, TouchWiz by Samsung, Optimus by LG etc., which separates their devices from the competition and also adds a value of its own. Although these skins bring some cool new features to the plate, the original flavour of Android gets lost and never reaches the general

Google, in 2010, in its efforts to provide the latest and greatest of Android OS in its purest form to general users introduced the Nexus line of smartphones. Google partnered with HTC and launched the first Nexus phone called Nexus One.

What makes the Nexus phones unique? Unlike most of the flagships launched by OEMs, they come with stock Android, unlockable bootloader and are the first devices to receive all the latest Android updates soon after they are launched.

The Journey

What started as just a device, which runs the latest and greatest Android in its purest form, soon became a brand in its own. The Nexus phones never brought path breaking or revolutionary hardware with them (except the Galaxy Nexus, which was the first phone to have 720p display), but consumers still started to look forward to the Nexus devices as they would be the first to taste the latest features of Android. Also, Google made it a habit to launch new iteration of Android OS with a new Nexus Phone. That automatically helped the Nexus phones gain more publicity and attention.

That’s not the only reason that separates a Nexus phone from other flagships. Google, made sure not to abandon a Nexus phone launched a year or two back with OS updates, as is the case with most OEMs. What that means is Nexus S launched in Dec 2010 with Android 2.3 on board could still be updated to 4.1 Jelly Bean.  That’s pretty good S/W support considering most of the OEMs’ track record of providing S/W updates to older phones.

Additionally, with the launch of Galaxy Nexus, Google also started selling Nexus devices in the Play Store in the US, UK and select other markets. The icing on the cake is the subsidy on the price given by Google. The unlocked Nexus 4 is priced at just USD 299 in the US Google Play, which makes it the best phone at the price point.

Nexus phones and India: No Marriage

Tempted to buy a Nexus phone? Wait, you may be in for a disappointment. Although the Nexus brand has grown rapidly after its inception in 2010, it is still a distant dream for Indian smartphone buyers (Nexus S being an exception).

India, one of the rapidly growing mobile markets in the world, is always neglected by Google when it comes to launching a Nexus phone. What surprises me is how a company like Google could neglect such a huge market. The only Nexus device officially launched in the country is the Nexus S phone.

Nexus phones and India: Made for each other?

India, the largest mobile market in the world, is still lagging when it comes to smartphone market share. According to the latest IDC report, smartphone penetration is least In India in the APAC region. This shows the potential Indian mobile market has when it comes to smartphone sales and that makes India the perfect destination for a Nexus phone.

Although all the leading mobile companies have set their shop in India, and are competing with each other for a greater market share, a Nexus phone is still sorely missed and will be a perfect deal of many. The impressive hardware, up-to-date S/W updates and the killer price makes it the perfect smartphone in the price-conscious Indian market. The launch of MMX Canvas HD and the reception it got from the Indian buyers, clearly indicates that a decently spec’d, well built, attractive and rightly priced smartphone is what Indian smartphone buyers want. When we look back at the Nexus phones, they fulfil all the above conditions with backing of a trusted brand.

Also, if one recent report of Google becoming worried about Samsung’s dominance is true, then launching a Nexus phone (which is currently manufactured by LG) in India may also prove fruitful for Google as well.

No matter what may be the reason, and whenever Nexus phones and tablets will be officially be launched in India, but a Nexus phone and India will make a perfect pair and I am optimistic that it will not remain a dream for Indians like you and me.

This is a guest post by Naresh Keshavwar, who is a technology enthusiast and loves to follow the latest happening in the smartphone world with a keen eye.

17 thoughts on “Dear Google, why no Nexus love for India?

  1. May be the reason behind this might be that most people in India still uses a smartphone as a media consumption device such as for music or videos or mostly as a camera, this is not what google wants its products to be used as. They want it to be used as a device which will make the most of their online products like search or Now or Maps through which they earn their revenue by ads… so I think they are waiting for us to change our atitude towards using a smartphone .. may be.. 🙂

    1. @akhil Doesn’t that make India the market which Google exactly wants. It wants people to pay for things which it stores in the cloud (books, movies, music). Google has added India to the Nexus page and it was there when I last checked it.
      If Google releases Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 via PlayStore then it would be more surprising than the Micromax Canvas HD’s sales.
      I found something else long time back. If you change the language to Hindi it will show help for only Nexus 7. But if it is kept at English you can view help for all Nexus devices.

      1. @Nexus I really thank u for the above information. I am looking forward for its launch in India being a proud owner of nexus 7. 🙂

  2. maybe developed market needs nexus more than developing countries none care about it, chinese are gearing up for hd quad cores for india already so my bye bye to nexus

  3. Good article, but I’d like to point out a mistake. Nexus phones don’t come with Unlocked Bootloaders, they come with bootloaders that CAN be unlocked if wanted.

  4. In countries where nexus are marketed by google, the smartphones are maximum sold through Carriers and on subsidy which eventually make the device cost at $99 – $199. But in India with the Flagship devices selling at about 25-30K how can a player like Samsung or LG allow Google to Sell Nexus at a seriously setdown price of $250.

  5. Just spoke an hour back to a Asus dealer and nexus 7/10 is being released in a week’s time in India. He says he had received a email to this effect , including the 3g version.
    Maybe the nexus 4 will follow.

  6. U morons google doesnt care about u. they will price the nixus 4 in the 25 -35 k price category and make it out of reach for most. they are only interested in countries and people who have enough money to buy apps on their phone from play store . which is why they kept the phone low priced in the first place. India yet doesnt have smartphone penetration nor people who buy all and sundry from the app store so they will only service people with deep pockets and not android enthusiasts

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