Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 & 311

ipadmini_nexus7_galaxytab2Google finally started selling Nexus 7 tablet in Google Play India. The tablet is now available for INR 15,999 and will start shipping on April 5. The tablet will be competing with Samsung Galaxy’s Tab 2 (311 and 310) and Apple iPad Mini in the country.

Despite the apparent lack of 3G variant right now, Nexus 7 is a great tablet for those of you who want to remain on the latest Android version and get some impressive internals at a decent price. The lack of internal storage might be an issue for some consumers, but apart from that, we don’t see any problems with Nexus 7.

It is also being sold at about INR 6K less than the Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi only version, which apart from the bigger content/app ecosystem (lack of Music, Movies from Indian Google Play being the reason) and presence of rear camera, does not really offer any other positives.

Samsung, which has just stated updating the 3G Galaxy Tab 2 310 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, does offer some competition in terms of pricing, but that is because of the comparably lower specifications of the device.  The Wi-Fi only variant of Galaxy Tab 2 – 311 surely is priced much lower, but then it comes down to the user-specific needs – whether the user wants better display, better processor and latest Android version or lesser price, decent specifications and older Android version (and no promise of future Android updates).

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Google starts selling devices in India via Google Play with Nexus 7


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