HTC scores 1/10 on iFixit’s repairability scale

HTC One Tear-DownThere are always some trade-offs that you will have to make and with HTC One, it is the poor repairability of the phone.

As per the recent tear-down posted by the popular repair guide specialist iFixit , HTC One is the least repairable smartphone in the recent times. It scores just 1 out of 10 on the site’s repairability scale.

Why is HTC One so hard to repair? Here is your answer:

  • Very, very difficult (possibly impossible?) to open the device without damaging the rear case. This makes every component extremely difficult to replace.
  • The battery is buried beneath the motherboard and adhered to the midframe, hindering its replacement.
  • The display assembly cannot be replaced without removing the rear case—this will make the most common repair, a damaged screen, nearly impossible.
  • Copper shielding on many components is difficult to remove and replace.

Not everything is bad here, iFixit notes that the solid external construction of the phone make it more durable than other smartphones.

So, if you are one of those people, who have the habit of throwing your smartphone here and there, then you better get some protection for your phone and some insurance, otherwise your pretty looking HTC One will only be useful as a very expensive paper-weight.



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