Falcon Pro – popular Twitter client is flying again

By Mohit Kharbanda

falcon-proAfter hitting the Twitter token limit of 100,000 users, one of the popular Twitter clients Falcon Pro has recently increased the app price to $132.13 to deter new users from purchasing the app from Google Play. Twitter has set this limit last year to discourage developers from creating twitter clients that looks and feel same as its official client.

Vergès (Developer of Falcon Pro) had petitioned Twitter to increase his app’s token limit so that he can add more customers, but his plea was not accepted. Twitter said that Falcon Pro is basically a clone of Twitter’s own client and does not add any value to the service.

Finally, starting of this week, after a lot hard work and finding a workaround, the Falcon Pro developer has solved the problem by kicking out pirates. The dev has released a new version of the app in Google Play and has reset the Twitter ID tokens.

Customers, who have already bought Falcon Pro, will need to re-login on the app & new users can go to Google Play and buy the app normally and start using it. Those with the pirated version of the app or using external cracked APK are warned that their old app keys will stop working in the next 24-48 hours.

Gaurav adds: There is still no way to stop pirated app users from using the cracked version of the updated app, which most likely will hit the warez sites and shady forms anytime now. As the token limit is still 100,000, we are not sure how long it is going to last this time, as majority of it will immediately consumed by existing users and the app is likely to attract new users even faster given the coverage the app has received in the recent few days.

This is a guest post by Mohit Kharbanda, who is an Android enthusiast and loves to tinker with his Android devices.

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