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Facebook Home: That’s the name of Facebook’s rumoured Android home-screen [Report]

Facebook Android Event InviteWaiting for Facebook’s April 4 Android announcement, turns out Facebook is going to unveil something called “Facebook Home.” Yes, it is the name of social giant’s Android home-screen experience that is expected to be unveiled in four days from now.

Earlier this week, Facebook started sending out press invites to tech media in the United States leading up to rumours of a Facebook Smartphone. These rumours were soon quashed by both New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the publications stated that Facebook is not really going to announce a Facebook Phone, but will indeed show a phone made by HTC, that will come with a Facebook customised home-screen that puts the social giant right in front of consumer eyes.

Now, a tweet from credible evleaks and a report from 9To5Google suggest that this home-screen experience from Facebook might be dubbed as Facebook Home, which also lines-up nicely with the tag-line of the press invite – “Come see our new home on Android.”


The evleaks tweet does directly say anything and seems to be taken from support notification or help documentation or something like that. It however does suggest Facebook Home as the name of new home-screen experience.

There is obviously no way to authenticate these reports, but these do seem to make sense.

Earlier reports have also added that HTC isn’t going to the only manufacturer to launch Android phone with “Facebook Home,” but apparently the social giant is in talks with other companies too.

The decision to go along with Facebook on this rumoured new Android home-screen does makes sense, as the Taiwanese manufacturer really want to get a hit and is ready to try all possible ideas.  Company’s previous Facebook oriented phones – HTC Chacha and HTC Salsa were not successful and there must be something unique in the new Facebook Home that is making HTC believe that Facebook specific customisations can work on a smartphone.

We will know more on April 4.

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