Amazon Kindle Fire: Easiest to repair Android tablet

ifixit-easy-torepairAmazon’s original Kindle Fire has turned out to be the easiest to repair Android tablet in iFixit’s repairability list.  iFixit, known for its tear-downs and how-to-repair guides, has posted its tablet Repairability List, which ranks the tablets on the basis of how easy are they to repair.

The list, which includes several popular Android as well other tablets, has been topped by Dell with its XPS 10 Windows RT tablet followed by Kindle Fire. Dell’s another and pretty old tablet (or should we call phablet) Streak ranks at the third position.

Overall in the list, seems like Android tablets are comparatively easy to repair, as Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Surface RT and Apple’s iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3 and 4 have landed on the last six spots in top 18.

As we can see in the list, as a trend the repairability of tablets seems to decreasing with newer generations, as manufacturers try to build thinner and lighter devices.

“We want people to make informed decisions, as their vote influences how hardware manufacturers choose to design in the future. Some may care that their tablets are easy to repair and upgrade; others may not. For those that do, we’ve aggregated our repairability scores for the best-selling tablets into one convenient resource,” iFixit noted in a blog post.ifixit-easy-torepair-list

See the full list at iFixit.

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