Acer to launch a phablet at Computex in June

acer-logo_01After revealing its intentions to launch a phablet during MWC, Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has now announced that its first phablet will be announced during Computex Taipei. The company did not share the specific details about the device, but did hint they are likely to price it aggressively.

Computex Taipei is happening June 4- June 8 this year, so Acer’s first smartphone-tablet hybrid is just over two and a half months away. To remind you, Acer has previously stated that it will be releasing phablets as a part of Liquid S-series.

Acer Corporate President Jim Wong told media in Taipei that the Acer phablet will come with special features in terms of camera, software and size, however he did not elaborate on them, so we are not sure what he meant by special features.

He also added that Acer will be releasing another phablet with big upgrades in components around the end-of-2013 or early-2014.

Phablets have emerged as a popular smartphone segment in last few quarters and Samsung has been the one of popular phablet markers thanks to its Note devices. Now, every other manufacturer wants to capitalise the popularity of this product segment by launching new devices. In India too, we have seen a flood of budget phablets in the last few months and manufacturers ranging from Micromax, XOLO to Karbonn, all have launched phablet devices.


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