All of India’s top ten Android phones are Samsung, Gingerbread top Android version

android indiaIs Indian Android smartphone market totally skewed towards Samsung? A report from game developer Animoca seems to suggest that. Led by Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy series is present on all of the top ten Android smartphone spots in the country. The dev also claims that Gingerbread is the top Android version, followed by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to Animoca report, Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Duos together represent over 26pc of the total Android smartphones in the country. These smartphones are followed by more entry-level smartphones like Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Ace. Galaxy Note, which is a high-end Android phone, is present on the fifth spot, while S3 and Note 2 are present on seventh and ninth spot respectively.

“India is dominated by (relatively) more affordable devices, many of them still running much older versions of Android. All of the top 10 devices are Samsung, making India… Galactic,” notes Animoca in a blog

In terms of the Android version usage, the data is pretty synonymous to the Android platform data provided by Google, apart from the presence of Android 2.2.1 at third spot. Android 2.3.6 tops the chart followed by Android 4.0.4 and Android 2.2.1. Android 4.1.1 is present on fourth spot.

“In India we actually found a pre-Gingerbread version in third place (2.2.1, a fork of Froyo). The two versions of Gingerbread present in the top five list make up a whopping 44.9% of all Android users,” adds Animoca.


As Animoca only taken into account the data collected from its Android games/apps present in the Google Play, there is no way to know if this is really the accurate representation of the Android Market in the country. However, given the fact that Animoca has over 40 Android apps listed in the Play Store, it does collect a significant amount of data, more than what any research agency like Nielsen can ever provide. Normally, the sample size for research agencies is around 1,000- 10,000 and Animoca’s game installations on Indian Android devices is surely way more than that.


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