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Lenovo to launch five sub-INR 8,000 Android phones with Reliance

More details have surfaced regarding the partnership between Lenovo and Reliance Communications, which was announced just a day ago. Although Reliance did not reveal any details about the devices in its press-release, reports from ET and PTI indicate that both the companies will be launching at-least 4-5 Android smartphones in the next six months.

The first smartphones from this partnership will be available around March and will be priced below INR 8,000.

“This is an important step in redefining India’s CDMA device ecosystem. In the next six months, we plan to launch 4-5 more smartphones and tablets, which will be priced attractively to have a full bouquet of smart devices.”

– RCom President and CEO (Wireless Business) Gurdeep Singh told a media gathering.

ET adds:

The phones will be priced under INR 8,000 each and will comprise two slots for SIM cards or cell phone connections. These will be available at Reliance operated stores will be available in the market from March-end.

The device specific details are still unclear and we only know that the phone will come with Android and 1GHz dual-core processor. Given the price-point we anticipate smartphones with dual-core MediaTek chipsets.

We are actively tracking the story and will update if we hear anything else.

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