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HP is making Android tablets: Report


Android Tablet released with HP Photosmart eStation C510 in 2010.

ReadWrite and The Verge are reporting that HP is working on Android Tablets. The PC makers seems to started focussing more on mobile devices and as a part of the same push, it is developing tablets and may be a smartphone.

Sources have revealed to ReadWrite that NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor will power this tablet and it is likely to be announced after the Mobile World Congress.  There is no clear time-frame about the release of this tablet, but reports indicate that this might be the first tablet to reach market with Tegra 4.

HP is also thinking about smartphones, but they seem unlikely to be coming this year.

This is not the first time that HP might be working on an Android tablet. The company has launched its first Android tablet running on Android 2.1 along with HP Photosmart eStation C510 printer in 2010 (see image above).

Hewlett Packard, which also launched its first Chromebook recently, might have grown closer to Google, resulting in plans for Android tablets. For a company, which had no success in the mobile devices, this tablet might be the final try and if successful, Google will get a very formidable partner in the OS wars.

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