Google is worried by Samsung’s dominance: Report

samsung-holiday-launch-noteGoogle is reportedly getting worried by Samsung’s rise in Android smartphone market. The search giant fears that the Korean manufacturer has become so big that it might try to renegotiate their deal, reports Wall Street Journal.

Journal writes that concerns regarding this increased dominance of Samsung are openly discussed in Mountain View. Android boss Andy Rubin has apparently acknowledged this concern at an internal Google event last fall and noted that Samsung could become a threat if it continues to gain more ground.

According to WSJ, Google’s Motorola acquisition might also have been an insurance policy against Samsung’s increasing dominance.

We have already rumours of this Motorola built X-Phone, on which Google is also working and it might be company’s attempt to take on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone, which given the success of previous Galaxy S series models is the biggest threat to Google.infographic-samsung-wsj

According to estimates, Samsung shipped over 215 million smartphones last year and majority of them were running on Android. This number represents around 40pc of the global smartphone market.

If the number goes up further Samsung might demand a bigger pie of Google’s advertising revenue that comes out of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. According to the Journal report, Samsung is currently getting more than 10 per cent of this revenue and has already signalled that wants more.

Google is now hoping that new entrants in Android arena like HP, might be able to help it stem the rise of Samsung.

Top Image Credit: AP | Info graphic Credit: WSJ



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