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Google releases Hindi keyboard app with transliteration support

hindi-keyboard-android-mainWant to type in Hindi on your Android phone, Google has a solution for you. The search giant has finally released a dedicated Hindi keyboard app in the form on Google Hindi Input in Google Play. The app is compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet running on FroYo or above, which includes almost everyone.

Apart from the Hindi language keyboard, the Google Hindi Input also adds English to Hindi transliteration mode in the stock keyboard. So, if you don’t want to actually spend lots of time in figuring out the Hindi keyboard and typing on it, you can simply switch on the transliteration mode and start typing Hindi as you would type English. Transliteration mode basically converts the Hindi words written in English (Roman/Latin) script to actual words in Devnagari script.

How to use Google Hindi Input

  • Toggle the button “a->?” on English keyboard to turn on/off transliteration mode.
  • In the transliteration mode, you can type Hindi word in English characters and the app will convert them to Hindi.
  • By turning off the transliteration mode on English keyboard, you can type in English.
  • Toggle the globe button to switch between English and Hindi keyboard
  • Consonants are alphabetically ordered into 2 pages. Press the paging button “1/2” “2/2” to navigate between pages. Long press the character key to select various forms in the popup.

This has turned out to be a quite good day for Indian Android users, First Google started selling e-books in Google Play for Indians and then the Hindi Input keyboard.




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  1. How do i download hindi app but with english alphabet ….i just want the autocorrect to allow hindi words that i type

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