Galaxy S III is the most used Android device, as Samsung grabs 8 of top 10 spots

Samsung Galaxy S III pushed Galaxy S II to the second stop to take the Android crown in January 2013, report Localytics. Galaxy S III is now the most popular Android device, as Samsung continues to rule the top devices with devices in eight out of top ten spots.

It is looking more like Samsung Galaxy vs other platforms than Android vs other platforms. Amazon and Motorola were the only two manufacturers to crack the top ten with Kindle Fire and Droid RAZR respectively. Surprisingly, HTC, LG or Sony is nowhere to be seen. All three companies really need to get their act together otherwise it is not long before Samsung is easily ruling not only top ten but also ten 25.

Kindle Fire continues to top the Android tablets, but despite all the success Nexus 7 is not in top ten and KF is followed by Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2.

“It’s interesting to note that despite their overall Android dominance, Samsung does not hold the number one spot for Android tablets; that honor goes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, which accounts for 37% of all Android tablets, the vast majority being US-based. After December’s huge growth in Android tablets, the Fire’s successes may show why Samsung’s share of total Android devices is holding rather than growing,” Localytics wrote in a blog post.

Localytics also notes that overall Samsung was part of 47pc of Android device globally same as December and down 1pc from November.

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