US court rejects Apple's request to raise damages in Samsung case

Judge Koh rejected Apple’s request to raise damages awarded to it in its patent lawsuit against Samsung, after she ruled that the Korean manufacturer did not wilfully infringe on some of Apple patents.

Earlier, in August 2012, a US jury found Samsung infringing seven design and utility patents of Apple Inc and awarded $1.049 billion in damages to Apple. Jury had decided that Samsung’s infringement in five of these patents was wilful, based on which Apple was asking for more damages, but Judge Koh ruled that Samsung’s actions of patent infringements were not wilful thus the damages would not be increased.

Koh also noted in her ruling:

To the extent that Apple does address lost downstream sales, Apple discusses only Samsung’s gains and makes no attempt to identify any specific losses Apple has suffered and given that Apple has not clearly shown how it has in fact been undercompensated for the losses it has suffered due to Samsung’s dilution of its patents.

Judge also denied requests from both parties for a new trial as well as denied Apple’s motion for judgment that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes a patent that relates to the iPad design.

Read more at Reuters, The Verge and Apple Insider.


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