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Sony Xperia Z Android 4.2 update coming soon after release

Sony has revealed that its 2013 flagship Xperia Z won’t long to get updated to Android 4.2, which is the latest Android version available right now.  According to the company, Xperia Z launches on JB 4.1, but will receive 4.2 shortly after launch.

“As always, we’ll share more info on this over the coming weeks on the blog,” company noted when asked about the exact time schedule. So, it might not be what you were expecting, but if you planning to get Xperia Z at release, at least you know that you will be getting Android 4.2 pretty soon.

For a smartphone like Xperia Z, Android 4.2 does not really bring too much to the table. Most of the changes are stock UI related apart from Photo Sphere or gesture typing.

To remind you, Xperia Z is expected go on sale in late-February or early March and comes with features like 1080p 5-inch display, quad-core S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and microSD card support.


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