Samsung Galaxy S IV to support wireless charging: Report

Wireless charging might not be a really useful feature, but if you still want it, it will be available in the upcoming Galaxy S III successor but optionally. According to a report in Korean publication DDaily, Samsung is reportedly planning to sell optional Galaxy S IV battery covers with wireless charging support and docks.

The main Galaxy S IV will not support wireless charging as such but you can always opt for the previously mentioned add-ons.

What is more interesting, that Samsung was considering an alternative to Qi, a more advanced wireless charging technology known as resonant magnetic coupling. This technology if part of Galaxy S IV would have allowed consumers to charge their devices from a distance of up to 2 meters. Now, it is something we would have wanted to have in the Galaxy S IV, but it seems Samsung could not find a way to make it cost-friendly.

Previous rumours have suggested that Galaxy S IV will come with recently announced Exynos 5 Octa processor, 4.99-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display, 2GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and Android 4.2.1.


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