There is no problem with Nexus 4 supply: LG, really?

Nexus 4 Google PlayIt has been over two months and Nexus 4 shortage does not seems to end. Google Play has this un-ending sold out message in every country, in which Google is selling Nexus 4 on its own. The situation is no better in countries, which are getting Nexus 4 now from LG. The likes of Indonesia got only around 1000 units of Nexus 4 at launch, rest of the consumers will have to wait at least a month to get Nexus 4.

Now, LG has come out trying to divert the blame from itself to someone (no idea who) for the on-going Nexus 4 supply issues. It has reportedly told a Korean publication that Nexus 4 product is proceeding as planned at the Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea and there is no problem with supply. Well LG, whom should be believe you or Google, as per Google UK chief, Nexus 4 supply from manufacturer is scarce, which is you?

Let us believe LG for a second, If LG is allegedly supplying enough units as per its math; then what is wrong? From consumer stand-point, everyone and everything seems wrong. Either don’t announce a phone that you can’t bring to every prospective buyer/don’t wish to bring, or get ready to take the blame. There is certainly something really wrong with this whole situation.  Both the parties in this mess, Google and LG, are forcing blame on others.

Looks like both LG and Google did not anticipate such demand, they thought like every other Nexus smartphone, Nexus 4 will only be wanted by hardcore Android enthusiasts, but after they priced it so cheap in Play Store, even the normal consumers started buying it, leaving the companies in a limbo.

We hope they sort out this whole mess real soon.

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