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Met Department launches ‘Indian-Weather’ app for Android

imd-appIndia Meteorological Department has released an Android app for weather forecast in the Google Play. Dubbed as Indian-Weather, the app has been made in partnership with IBM India and Dotsys Software.

Available for download now for free, the application is below average and does not even work properly right now. When we tried using the few hours ago, it gave us “our services are experiencing some problem” error.


The app home-screen includes your city (which it automatically detects) and the weather details. You can use the tabs given below, to check weather for next four days. The app always changes its background to match with the weather, but the graphics are pathetic and look ugly. However, as the devs mention in Google Play listing that it is still in beta, you cannot really blame them, but even for a beta product, it is below-average.

Also, it only supports the four metros for weather forecast right now.

If you really want to use it, you can grab the download from here.

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