Jelly Bean now on 10pc of Android devices as Gingerbread drops below 50pc

The recent Google Android platform numbers are in and they have some positives for Google in terms of Jelly Bean adoption. Thanks to Galaxy S III and HTC One X Android 4.1 updates, this Android version now resides on over 10pc of the Android devices with access to Google Play.

The current numbers also show Gingerbread falling below 50pc mark in a long time, as more and more phones get updated to ICS or consumers migrate to newer devices.

Coming to Ice Cream Sandwich, the OS version has also moved up a little and is now close to 30pc mark.

Here is a look at market share of other Android versions:android_january

Overall the picture has not changed that much, as Gingerbread still claims the throne, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (which replaces FroYo).


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