Google Now starts automatic retrieval of your digital boarding pass

google-now-boarding-pass-cardGoogle Now is getting smarter day-by-day and the latest feature will make you like it even more. Similar to what it does with shipments card, Google takes your online check-in data from your Gmail and automatically retrieves your boarding pass, when you are getting ready for your flight.

This Google Now card shows information like gate number, the terminal and your seat number, which is all that is required during your travel. You can show the QR-code presented in this card to board your flight (only if your airline and airport support this).

This card was made live about a week ago and has been rolling out gradually. So, check on your Jelly Bean powered phone or tablet and if you have a flight in next few hours and you have check-in online, Google Now will be showing your digital boarding pass.


Check out more about the feature in this video:

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