Google CEO Larry Page admits Nexus supply issues

Nexus 4 Google PlayThere has been a lot of talk regarding Nexus 4 supply issues in the past few weeks and now Google CEO Larry page has come forward and admitted that there were issues with the supply of new Nexus devices and they are working to fix them on the priority basis.

“Clearly there’s work to be done managing our supply better, as well as building a great customer experience, and that is priority for the teams,” Larry Page said in the 2012 Q4 earnings call.

Nexus 4, which went on sale starting November 13, 2012 in select countries, has been constantly out of stock at Google Play. First Google UK chief blamed LG for the scares supplies from the Korean manufacturer’s end, which was followed by a statement from LG that in turn blamed Google for grossly underestimating the demand.

Both the companies are yet to give a time schedule of when they will be able to fix the issues and produce the needed number of Nexus smartphones. With as short a life span of a smartphone, they seem to have already lost the battle.  The next flagship devices from manufacturers like Sony, HTC and Samsung will start arriving in March/April, after that nobody is going to bother about Nexus 4.

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