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Report indicates ‘Facebook Phone’ is coming on Jan 15, is it really?

Facebook Jan 15 InviteThe mythical Facebook phone is coming on January 15, that’s what TechCrunch’s MG Siegler wants us to believe. His so-called sources have told him that Facebook phone is not a mirage and it will be on display on Tuesday, when the social network holds its press conference.

Siegler is hopeful despite multiple denials from the company as well as CEO Mark Zuckerberg that they will not build a phone. He even cites that examples of iPad Mini or Google Phones (read Nexus), to pass on the theory that all kinds of things in tech have this funny way of only being false until they’re true.

Well, we surely hope so.

If real, the phone will most likely be powered by Android, as it would give the social giant an already ripe platform to play around and it would not need to create an ecosystem from the scratch. It might go the Amazon way, by building this phone on a forked version of Android.

Earlier, Facebook tried to divert some media attention from CES by sending out invites for a press event on Jan 15. The invite stated, “Come and see what we’re building”, well that gives out nothing. It can be a new feature or a new app, but somehow the tech blogosphere is hoping to see a phone that day.

It would be interesting to see it Facebook takes the dangerous road of releasing a mobile device, when it has just started recovering from the massive IPO debacle.

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