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Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy devices in India

Samsung has announced that it has sold 10 million Galaxy branded devices in the Indian market since the debut of Galaxy S smartphone in June, 2010, reports Press Trust of India. The company however seems to have forgotten the original Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy Spica as Galaxy smartphones, as it touts Galaxy S as the first Galaxy device in India.

According to Samsung, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Y and Note series have helped the company capture the smartphone market in the country. Samsung claims that Galaxy Y series, Note series and S III have provided 50 per cent of the sales however did not reveal device specific numbers.

“Innovative devices like the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Y have caught the imagination of customers and helped us democratise the smartphone experience in the Indian market,” Samsung VP (Mobile) Asim Warsi told PTI.Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition

“Through our series of consistent smartphone launches, Samsung has fuelled the growth of the smartphone market in India and has been a category leader since last year. Samsung’s portfolio of 13 Galaxy devices in the Indian market are priced between INR 6,790 to INR 39,990,” Warsi added.

To remind you, Samsung is the current leader in smartphone market in the country with over 41pc of the share.

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