NVIDIA Tegra 4 leak tips 72 GPU cores, 24nm process

A slide detailing NVIDIA’s next generation Tegra 4 chipset has been leaked on a Chinese forum, showcasing significant increase in graphic processing cores as well as security provisions.

The slide shows that Tegra 4 will use the same 4-PLUS-1 architecture as on the Tegra 3, however there will be 72 GPU cores. The CPU cores are likely to be ARM A15 and offer 28nm process, but it is unconfirmed right now.tegra-4-slide

As per the leak, the Tegra 4 will support 1440p encoding and decoding (2560 x 1440) as well as 2560×1600 24b or 4K display.

There is also support for Secure Boot, h/w DRM, HDCP, USB 3.0 and Dual-channel DDR3L memory. There is still no word on the official release, but it is likely to be announced in Q1 next year.


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