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LG to launch Google TV sets in more sizes in 2013

LG might have been conservative with Google TV devices this year, but that is going to change in 2013. The Korean manufacturer has announced that it will be releasing Google TV sets in 42/47/50/55/60” display sizes unlike just 47/55” Google TV sets available this year.

The company will also bring zero-bezel screens and new stand design for Google TV devices. The 2013 LG Google TV models will also have Google TV 3.0 software built-in along with Onlive cloud gaming.lg-google-tv

LG’s Magic Remote will also be a part of these television sets, but other details are still unknown. LG plans to make the information public at CES 2013; however it still revealed that new Google TV devices will be released in the US in first half of the next year.

“LG is committed to providing diverse home entertainment options that offer the most satisfying user experience and the latest LG Smart TVs with Google TV do just that. They deliver a stellar user experience by merging the latest Google TV platform with LG’s proven Smart TV technology. The result is a comprehensive system that is groundbreaking in its simplicity,” said Havis Kwon , President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, in statement.

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